10 Anti-Nausea Pregnancy Tips

Whoever came up with the name “morning sickness” was clearly mistaken. Nausea and sickness during pregnancy can happen at any time of the day. Everyone’s body reacts differently to being pregnant. I know my first pregnancy has been ROUGH. The first few months I was nauseous constantly. Which made it almost impossible to do simple every day tasks.

Over time the nausea has become less frequent and manageable. But knowing what helps your body feel less sick during these times makes such a difference!

Here are 10 tips that I found helpful:

1. Anti-Nausea Drops

There are a lot of different brands you can try. After a lot of research I ended up getting “Traditional Medicinals Morning Ease Anti-Nausea Lozenges, Lemon Ginger by Traditional Medicinals”.

I loved these because they didn’t taste too much like ginger. They had the lemon flavor to make it sweeter. They were really nice to have on hand when I first woke up in the morning, or when out and about.

2. Peppermint Gum/Candy

This is another great and easy remedy to try! Whenever leaving the house I had gum all ready to chew and in my pocket for back up. Or you could get peppermint flavored candies to keep in your purse. The mint helps to soothe and relax your stomach muscles.

I have heard that peppermint flavors work the best, but I found that spearmint worked just as well for me!

3. Ginger Ale/Non-Caffeinated Drinks

It is advised to keep your caffeine intake low when pregnant. A suggestion is 200 mg or less per day. For this reason, ginger ale is often suggested when pregnant. Sipping on the ginger can help relieve nausea.

I would also have other non-caffeinated drinks on hand, because I did get tired of having ginger ale constantly. The carbonation in the soda helped my stomach calm down during or after eating.

3. Snacks vs. meals

Often times I would feel the most sick after having a meal. It would take a couple hours before I was able to get up and be productive again. It’s really hard to even eat when you feel nauseous anyways! Nothing sounds very appealing.

If you are feeling this way-snacks are your best friend! Eat little snacks whenever possible throughout the day. An empty stomach will make the nausea worse, so it’s helpful to have a little bit in your stomach at all times.

Foods that are high in starch, like crackers or bread are great go-to items. They help absorb all the unwanted acid in your stomach. Try having a box of crackers by your bed to eat first thing in the morning.

4. Exercise

Exercising can be so hard when you’re not feeling well! But, going for a short walk and getting some fresh air helps you both physically and emotionally. When you’re constantly sick it can take an emotional toll, especially when you aren’t able to be as productive as you may like. Exercising releases endorphins, which helps you feel happier and positive. You will also have more energy and be able to sleep better.

5. Nausea Pressure Point

There is a pressure point that can help give some relief to your upset stomach. I’ve found this especially helpful when driving or in a public place when you don’t have any other solutions on hand.

This pressure point is called the “Neiguan Acupuncture Point”. It is located near your wrist. Have your palm face up when applying pressure. You can find the point by measuring three finger widths below your wrist. Use your thumb to apply the pressure. Move your thumb in small circles. Make sure you are applying pressure pretty firmly, but don’t press hard enough that it hurts. You may need to do this for a couple minutes before noticing a difference.

6. Lying on Your left side

When you feel nauseous lying down often helps. Studies have shown that lying on your left side helps gastrointestinal symptoms. Sleeping on your left side is also advised when pregnant, because it increases the blood flow to your placenta and baby.

7. Essential Oils

Essential oils can help with your nausea. You can apply the oils directly to pressure points on your body, or use a diffuser. Some of the best oils to use for an upset stomach are:

  • Ginger
  • Peppermint
  • Lavender
  • Lemon

I like to mix a couple different ones in my diffuser. Peppermint and lemon are my favorite when I’m feeling really sick.

8. Keep Hydrated

It’s really important to stay hydrated while pregnant. It is advised to be drinking 10 cups of water/fluids a day. Often times water doesn’t taste the best when you’re nauseous. I found that squeezing a lemon in my water helps. Lemon is also beneficial when your stomach is upset. It contains some neutralizing acids to help regulate your stomach.

9. Avoid Spicy/Fatty Foods

Pregnancy cravings are normal. You never know what your body is going to crave! Try your best to avoid any spicy or fatty foods as these can make your stomach more upset. Foods that are cooler, like yogurt or a smoothie, are a lot easier on your stomach and provide more nutrients for you and your baby.

10. Anti-Nasuea Medication

Don’t be afraid to ask your doctor for something to help relieve your symptoms. Even if you need to call in and ask before going in for your first appointment. Most doctors want you to be comfortable and will be willing to prescribe something for you.

Also, if whatever you are given doesn’t seem to be helping there are other options you can try. Be open with your doctor about how you are feeling and ask them about any other medications or solutions that are safe for you to try. It took me a couple different medications before I found one that helped.

As always, I love to hear what you have found that helped you! Everyone’s body is different, meaning different remedies help different people.

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