17 Moving Tips & Tricks

Moving into a new home can be very stressful. There always seems like so much to do, in so little time. My husband and I have moved 4 times in the 3 three years we have been married. Finally we are moving into a home that we can stay in for awhile! But, here are some tips and tricks that we have found to be helpful during our moves.

1. Color Code your boxes

This is my favorite packing technique we have done so far! It makes life so much easier during the moving and unpacking process.

Use different colored tape to let your movers know which box goes in what room. Then you aren’t having to write on all of the boxes or constantly direct people.

For example:

  • Blue=Master Bedroom
  • Green=Nursery
  • Red=Office
  • Yellow=Downstairs (Living/Kitchen)
  • Orange=Garage

This method ensures that the boxes get put in the right location the first time, so when you go to unpack you aren’t constantly moving boxes around as you open them.

Download this free printable below. Place different colored tapes in the white boxes to create your own personal key. Enjoy!

2. get rid of items

While you are packing it’s a great time to see everything you have. What do you use? What haven’t you used in 6+ months that you can part with? Use this time to get rid of any clutter!

Here are some ideas that you can do with the items:

  • Donate them to a local donation center or shelter
  • Sell them online
  • Have a yard sale
  • Ask family members/friends if they would like anything
  • Throw out or recycle damaged/worn items

3. start early

This post is all about eliminating packing stress right? So, don’t start packing the day before you move! You will feel overwhelmed and rushed. Plan ahead. Pack as much as possible in the few days leading up to moving. Anything you aren’t going to use, or can do without, pack it up! Then you can use the day before, or day of moving, to finish packing your essential items.

When it’s time for your movers to arrive, be ready to go! No one likes waiting around to get started, or taking longer then necessary to get the job done.

4. Ask around for free boxes

You would be surprised how many boxes you can get for free. There are always businesses that are willing to give away boxes. So ask around before buying any!

You can also look online. Often times there will be someone local that just moved and has free boxes they want to get rid of.

Or, ask your family members/friends. They might have boxes you can use, or be able to get some from their work.

5. stop buying groceries

Moving is a great time to use the food you have. Stop going grocery shopping two weeks before you move, except for essential items of course. This makes packing your food much easier, and you might be surprised with the creative dinners you can come up with!

6. Take pictures of electronic cords

Have you ever unplugged an electronic device and had a difficult time resetting it up? Before you unplug everything, take a picture of all the cords in their proper location. This will save you time and from a potential headache later on.

7. pack tightly & lightly

Try to pack your boxes as tight as you can. When items are loose and able to move around they could potentially break. No one likes opening a box and realizing half the items inside are now broken.

When focusing on packing tightly it can be easy to make the boxes too heavy. Try to put a mix of both heavier and lighter items. This will help limit the possibility of anything getting dropped.

8. saran wrap drawers

This is an inexpensive, easy solution to keep your furniture safe during moving day. Wrap the saran wrap tightly around dresser drawers a few times and secure with a bit of tape. This will help them stay closed when your movers are picking it up and walking around. Which helps avoid any damaged furniture or walls when the drawers suddenly open.

9. Liquid items

Saran wrap is also handy when packing your liquid/spill able items. Wrap the top of the item, or wherever the liquid can spill out. Secure with tape. For extra insurance, place the item in a seal able plastic bag. That way if it does leak at all it will just be in the bag, not on all your items in the box.

10. keep fragile items safe

If you don’t have any bubble wrap or packing paper, use soft items to keep your fragile pieces safe. For example use:

  • Kitchen towels
  • Bath towels/washcloths
  • Blankets
  • Clothes
  • Pillows
  • Socks

Wrap the fragile pieces up and fill in the spaces with these soft items. Packing tightly with the soft items is important. You want to make sure the fragile items can’t move or slide around.

Make sure to label the box clearly that there are fragile items inside. I like to keep all the fragile boxes together if possible. That way you can easily communicate to your movers what boxes need to be handled with extra care.

11. packing clothes methods

Here are 3 different methods you can use when packing your clothes:

  1. If you aren’t moving far you can keep your clothes on the hangers and slide a large garbage bag over them. Wrap the ties around the hangers to secure.
  2. If you are feeling tight on space, use vacuum sealer bags! They make such a big difference. You simply put all your clothes in the bag and then use a vacuum to remove any excess air. This creates a great compact solution.
  3. Rolling your clothes instead of folding them can also maximize your space. Plus it helps your clothes stay less wrinkly.

12. keep furniture hardware together

There is always a few furniture pieces that need to get taken apart. For example, your bed frame won’t fit through doorways in one piece. To avoid losing all the screws/small parts for the item put everything in a seal able bag together. Tape the bag directly on a piece of the furniture. That way when it comes time to put it back together, everything is quickly accessible.

13. protect your furniture

Have a basket of old blankets or towels ready to go on moving day. As furniture is loaded into the trailer you can place a blanket over the item to protect it from any scratches. The last time we moved I was not quick enough to put a blanket over our entertainment center. This left the paint scratched all along the top, from boxes being slid over it. Meaning I have some touch up work I need to do.

14. leave out cleaning supplies

Most of the time when you move you need to clean the last apartment/home you were in for the next residents. Make sure to leave out your cleaning supplies if needed. You also might want to have them easily accessible in your new home, to clean as you unpack. So pack these items very last.

15. label essential items

Essential items are classified as things you use on a daily basis. For example, your toothbrush or toilet paper. These items are typically packed last in a home. Meaning you probably want them unpacked first in your new home, right?

Have a way to label these boxes well. You want to be able to find them easily. I’ve even heard of putting these items in a plastic bin, so you can see what is inside.

16. have a snack for your movers

Who doesn’t like a refreshing treat after a hard days work? It doesn’t need to be a full meal, just something simple. We always like to get donuts for the people who help us move. This is an easy way to show your appreciation and say “thank you” to you helpers.

17. have movers you trust

Everyone has heard, or even experienced, horror stories of furniture getting damaged and boxes being dropped on moving day. Make sure the people who are helping you move, whether they are family members/friends or a moving crew, are people you trust. You want them to treat your furniture and home as they would their own. Ask for help from people you can count on, or do thorough research when picking a moving crew. Look up reviews and ratings to see what experience previous customers have had.


I hope you were able to find some of these moving tips helpful. As always, I love to hear what ideas my readers have. So feel free to leave a comment and share your favorite moving tip below!

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