25 Unique Gender Reveal Ideas

Gender reveal parties are becoming very popular. It’s such a fun way to share the news with all of your family and friends! My husband and I had a hard time deciding what to do, because there are so many great ideas out there.

Here are 25 of my favorite ideas:

1. Pinata

This is ultimately what we ended up doing for our gender reveal party. We found a fun pinata to stuff with candy and confetti. People took turns hitting the pinata until it split open to reveal its pink or blue contents. So easy and fun! You can also get the pinatas where you simply pull a string to release its contents.

2. Bow & Arrow

If you have any archers in the family you can fill balloons with paint or confetti, and place them on a poster board. Once the balloon is pierced by the arrow the surprise is revealed! This idea would be best to do outdoors. Plus, after the reveal you have a fun activity your guests can participate in!

3. Light Saber Duel

Any Star Wars fans out there? You can get pink and blue light sabers to have a duel match. Whatever color is victorious at the end is the gender of the baby!

4. Cupcakes/Cake

You can fill the center of cupcakes with pink or blue frosting. Give each of your guests a cupcake at the time of the reveal to all bite into at the same time. You can also color the center of a cake, or fill it with candy. The expectant parents cut into the cake for the reveal. This activity is great, because the gender reveal and dessert are all provided in one!

5. Baby Outfit

Have a boy or girl outfit, blanket, or any baby items wrapped to give to the expectant couple. This idea is fun because it gives them something to take home and remember the gender reveal party!

7. Balloon Dart Game

This is similar to the bow and arrow, but you can throw darts at the balloons instead. Add lots of balloons that are empty for more suspense, until the one filled with paint is hit! You could also have a various number of guests participate in this one.

8. Fireworks

I love fireworks! If it wasn’t winter when we did our gender reveal party, we would have done this. You can purchase pink or blue fireworks. Have all your family and friends gather around to watch the fireworks light up the night sky!

9. Color Changing Straws

These straws are white, until they are placed in cold liquid. They change pink or blue when the cold liquid flows up and throw the straw! This would be a fun idea with a small group to all drink at once for the reveal. (The colder the drink, the brighter the color will be. You can use ice cubes to ensure the drinks are cold and ready to go!)

10. Scratch Off Cards

Scratch off cards are also a way for all your guests to be able to participate in the reveal. There are so many fun designs out there that you can purchase. Have coins available for your guests to use for scratching.

11. Balloon Send Off

This idea is often used for a couple different reasons. First, it’s really easy to put together and second, everyone can easily see the results! Fill a box with colorful balloons to release. You could also include a cute sign or streamers.

12. Sports Reveal

Here’s a fun one for all the sport fans out there. You can purchase different balls (baseball, football, golf ball, etc.) that has pink or blue powder inside. Once you hit a home run the powder will explode into the air!

13. Paint Reveal

Have the expectant couple, or even everyone, wear white clothes to the party. Ones they don’t mind getting paint all over! Fill tubes or squirt bottles with pink or blue paint. When the time comes let the couple squirt the paint all over each other. This makes for a fun picture or photo shoot at the end!

14. Ice Cream/Snow Cones

You can rent a soft serve ice cream or snow cone machine for your party. For the reveal, pull the ice cream lever to release the pink or blue colored ice cream. Or make a snow cone and pour the colored syrup on top. This is a great idea, because then you also have your dessert already planned for your guests!

15. Sparklers

If you are looking to do a social media post or announcement online you could use sparklers to write out the gender. This makes for a fun summer photo! Make sure you use DSLR or a point-and-shoot camera. Stand facing the camera and write the word backwards in the air.

16. Glow in the dark stars

You can buy glow in the dark starts and create a staging room for your reveal. Decorate the ceiling with pink or blue stars. When the time comes you can turn off the lights and lead your guests into the glowing space!

17. Confetti Eggs

You can make the confetti eggs yourself, or purchase some online. You choose the color of confetti that comes in the eggs in this Amazon package. Each of your guests can break an egg open to be a part of the reveal!

18. Gender Reveal Bash Cake

You can purchase this fun bash cake from https://www.dylanscandybar.com/ . A wooden mallet is included to break open the outer chocolate shell. Pink or blue pretzels with spill out!

19. Colored Fire

We love having camp fires! We actually did use this reveal when we were in the process of adopting. That adoption didn’t end up going through, but it was a good excuse to gather family around and have some camp fire treats.

20. Homesick Gender Reveal Scented Candle

This is a great idea to send to family members that live far away and can’t be a part of your gender reveal party. Or even for you to do with a small group that can gather around. The candle wick is initially black, but will start to burn pink or blue after 5-10 minutes. The candle also smells great, which is an extra bonus.

21. Play a matching game

You can make a cute matching game to be displayed at your event. Have family and friends take turns finding the different matching pieces. Keep a tally of the blue v. pink items. Whichever one has more at the end is the gender!

22. Gender Reveal Game

This is a website where you can have all your loved ones participate. You create a game, or use an existing one on their website, for them to play and guess the gender of your little one. Each player contributes a donation that can be used for baby expenses. A winner is selected at the end to receive a prize, which you determine at the beginning of the game. You can share the link with anyone that would like to play! Check out their website to find out more.

23. Pet or older child reveal

If you have an older child or a pet you can make them the star of the show. Dress them up however you would like and bring them out for everyone to see. You can find fun outfits, colorful bows, or accessories.

24. Race

Have two people dress up in pink/blue colors or outfits. Create a race course for them to complete. You can make it as silly of a race as you would like! Depending on the gender of your child the pink or blue contestant will make sure to finish first.

25. Burnout/Blowout

If you are a car, truck or motorcycle lover, this one is for you! You can purchase vibrant colored powder to be placed in the tires or exhaust. This will create a smoke cloud to reveal the gender. There are different tutorials on YouTube that you can find to help you create the scene.

Comment and share what you did for your gender reveal party!

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