27 Inexpensive Stay At Home Date Night Ideas

With everything being closed lately, it can be hard to get out and have a date night. Especially if you have small children. It is so important to spend time together though!

Here is a list of inexpensive date night ideas you can try, from the comfort of your home. 🙂

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Date night ideas:

  1. Order food from your favorite restaurant. Have a picnic in your living room or backyard.
  2. Build a fort and watch your favorite movie. Get your favorite snacks/soda from a nearby vending machine.
  3. Pull out all your card/board games and have a game night.
  4. Make homemade ice cream.
  5. Have a chocolate tasting night.
  6. Make dinner together and have a romantic candlelight dinner.
  7. Do couple massages.
  8. Camp out or go star gazing in your backyard.
  9. Find and bake a new treat together.
  10. Play the newlywed game. Ask each other questions about your relationship/life. The goal is to have the same answers. Here is a list of 50 free printable questions. 🙂
  11. Make a time capsule.
  12. Have a Nerf gun, or water balloon fight.
  13. Take a bubble bath together.
  14. Plan an at home couple’s paint night.
  15. Have a cook off competition.
  16. Make a bucket list to do together.
  17. Have a karaoke night.
  18. Play video games, or we like doing Just Dance competitions.
  19. Find a fun DIY project to make together.
  20. Have a fondue night. You don’t need a fondue machine to do this. We just enjoy melting chocolate and dipping pretzels and strawberries.
  21. Do a puzzle together.
  22. Have a camp fire. We love making s’mores and cinnamon rolls over the fire!
  23. Plan your next vacation, or your dream vacation.
  24. Play “Would You Rather?”
  25. Start learning a new language together.
  26. Exercise. Go for a walk, or find a new work out video to try.
  27. Play yard games. Some of our favorites are Corn-hole, Molkky, and Kan Jam.

What date night ideas do you have/enjoy doing?

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