Choosing Your Adoption Route

When my husband and I first talked about adoption we were hesitant to the idea. We were already trying to get pregnant and were wanting to focus on that. After thinking more about it we came to a conclusion. Why not have two ways to welcome children into our family? It took us some time and research before deciding our adoption route.

Here are some tips as you are deciding on your adoption route. It isn’t the easiest to find information about adoption. We had no idea where to start. I’ll just say this: When it comes to adopting, research is your very best friend! I encourage you to look online and find as much information as you can ( is a great place). Talk to someone about their adoption journey and what route they chose. Listen to podcasts; we really enjoyed doing this during work and then talking about what we learned later that evening. (Our personal favorite place for podcasts is Tim Elder’s Infant Adoption Guide. Click the link below if you would like to check it out!)

There are three main routes you can take. 

  1. Domestic Infant Adoption
  2. International
  3. Foster Care

Honestly you can’t go wrong, any route you pick is great! But I’ll briefly explain each route I mentioned:

Domestic Infant Adoption

This is the adoption route we ultimately decided to take right now. You go through the approval process and make a profile for birth moms to see. Then you wait for a birth mom to choose you to adopt her baby, somewhere in the United States. When the baby is born you are able to take the baby home and the adoption finalization happens in six months. This process can require a lot of waiting. You have no idea how long it will take for someone to pick you, or if the birth mom will change her mind later. The cost varies quite a bit, depending on if you choose a private or agency adoption. 

International Adoption

International adoption is when you adopt a child from outside of the country. There are a lot of children needing a good home. You also go through the approval process and then wait. The time it takes to adopt depends on the country you are adopting from. There are different time requirements but it can often take years before you are able to bring a child home. During the waiting period you may need to travel to the child’s country multiple times. International adoption usually costs quite a bit more than domestic. 

Foster Care

Foster care is when you take a child, or children, into your home to care for them. A training program is required before you can be approved to be a foster parent. The children who will come into your life don’t have a good home environment and need a stable, loving place to live. Often children can be adopted after “X” amount of time, but it is not guaranteed. Foster care adoptions can cost nothing or a small amount. 

We decided to do a domestic infant adoption, because we felt it was the right choice for our stage of life. We don’t have any children yet so we want to have the experience of raising a child from the beginning. But we have talked about doing foster care in the future. We are very open to experiencing other adoption routes! 

If you have any questions about adoption I would love to help answer them!

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